Six Things That You Might Not Know When It Comes To Commercial Auto Insurance

Business owners who rely on vehicles for everyday company operations need commercial auto insurance. The following are six things that you might not know when it comes to commercial auto insurance. 

You can't use your personal insurance to cover a vehicle that's used for your business operations.

Many businesses rely on vehicle use for everyday operations. Commercial auto insurance is essential if vehicle use is a part of your business operations. Personal auto insurance cannot cover a vehicle while it is being used for business. 

You need to name all the drivers at your company on your commercial auto insurance policy.

You cannot expect to benefit from commercial auto insurance coverage when you have staff members at your company driving your vehicles before you've had them added to your insurance policy.

You need to provide information about each of your company drivers to your insurance company. When you do this, your insurance company can add staff members to your commercial auto policy.

You won't necessarily enjoy coverage for all of the equipment you keep in your commercial vehicle.

Your commercial auto insurance policy will limit you in terms of how much coverage you're offered for equipment inside your commercial vehicles. If your business relies on especially valuable equipment in your vehicles, you'll probably have to increase the maximum commercial property coverage amount on your policy. 

You need to specify that you want collision coverage.

A basic commercial auto insurance policy may only cover you for liability expenses. If you want to ensure the value of your commercial vehicles, you'll need to specify that you want to have collision and comprehensive coverage added on. 

The driving record of your employees will impact your insurance costs.

It's essential that you check the driving record of staff members who will be operating your vehicles before you decide to hire those staff members. The driving records of your employees will impact the premium costs on your commercial auto insurance policy. 

Not all commercial auto insurance policies are the same.

Commercial auto insurance policies can vary significantly among various insurance providers. When you buy commercial auto insurance coverage for your company, you need to explore your options. Get quotes on commercial auto insurance policies from a few providers.

By getting quotes, you can compare the offerings of different insurance companies that provide commercial coverage in your area. Compare not only coverage costs but also coverage quality and options. Putting effort into researching your coverage options ensures that you'll find the best policy for your company's unique needs. 

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